How to help

Trust is 100% volunteer-run and your donation goes to helping young boys and girls and vulnerable in community communities

Award winner

We have worked in partnership with local community groups by organising various Music festivals in Parks and streets of Enfield

Kids Festival

LAAMD is run by awards winning best African musicians and dancers ,BSc (Hons)Media Technologist and we are a versatile association in london borough of enfield


Camera Techniques

We do teach youngsters all aspects of Video Camera Techniques is an ideal starter guide for anyone owning a camcorder


The first step in our process is to discuss with the client what they want to achieve with their video and figure out how we can build upon their initial thinking.

Setting your camera

The understanding of camera sensor receives twice the level of exposure. Decrease it by one stop, and the exposure level is halved.


The main task of production (AKA “principle photography”) is to capture the project assets – whether that entails animation, filming or design.


The main task of post-production is to finish the project. In this phase we’ll: Edit the picture, Add music, audio effects and voice over

Guitar Lessons

LAAMD is linked strong and wonderful guitar teachers, and delivered hour-long guitar lessons to a small group of up to eight children- no easy feat with 4 and 5-year-olds!